Teaching Clinics

Our teaching clinics are designed to help our member students and other singers throughout central Iowa achieve their musical goals. 

Opus Preparation Clinic is offered to singers in grades 5 - 9, designed to fine-tune the chosen material for the Opus All-State Honor Choir auditions. Participants also receive audition tips and advice from Heartland Youth Choir conductors. The next Opus Preparation Clinic will be September 7, 2019. Click here for details.

KidSing is a 6-week course for 4- and 5-year-olds to explore music during their most formative years. During a 40-minute session once a week, children (and an accompanying adult) experience music by singing, dancing, and playing instruments. They also learn to keep a steady beat through folks songs and poems -- and much, much more. Shared music between children and the adults in their lives is not only fun, it also leads to greater creativity and imaginative play. Stay tuned for the next KidSing opportunity.

Guys Power Sing is a fun-filled day for guys in grades 5 - 12 designed to inspire young men to sing and discover the joy of music. Often featured is a session on vocal health for young men, a local school men’s choir, and a performance by an a cappella men’s ensemble. The singers give a brief performance at the end of the event.

Totally Treble Festival brings together female singers in grades 5 - 12 for a day of learning and song. The festival features a session on vocal health for young women and a performance by a women's ensemble. The singers will work on new material, then give a brief performance at the end of the event. Stay tuned for the next festival date.