Heartland Youth Choir believes in the power of a local non-profit to impact the lives of children through music. Through a performance-based program, it brings both musical literacy and character development to a diverse group of students. The board is in search of members who are ready to utilize their experience, expertise and networks to help grow the organization. The board meets once a month. Terms are three years and require some financial contribution. Contact Board Chair Bo Schatzberg at 515-957-1516 or boschatzberg@gmail.com to discuss the possibility of working together.


Board of Directors

Bo Schatzberg - President

Rebecca Mataloni - Vice President

Karoline Myers - Secretary

Travis Sullivan - Treasurer

Kris Hammond

Pam Lundell

Josh Opperman

Ryan Boatman

Nikki Nigg

Joseph Beedon

Julie Betts

Emily Andersen - Student Representative

Ex Officio members:

Jane Meyer

Sandy Miller

Barbara Sletto

Lori Blachford

Kim Novy