Enjoy these highlights of Heartland Youth Choir's year of song. 2017 was a year filled with concerts, collaborations, and choir tours that brought our singers new music, new friends, and new experiences. 

About Us

Heartland Youth Choir, founded by Barbara Sletto in 2003, provides a performance-based program for youth, emphasizing musical literacy and character development. Heartland Youth Choir provides a unique opportunity for children of diverse backgrounds with a particular aptitude in vocal music to explore that interest beyond their school setting. Quality literature from all styles and periods form the foundation for this exploration.

Watch this video and hear from alums and current students about how HYC has changed their lives!


Mission Statement

Dedicated to excellence, Heartland Youth Choir develops musicianship and builds character of youth through the rehearsal and performance of quality choral literature.


Six choirs comprise HYC's programs

Canto Choir is for kindergarten through second grade. In this level, children participate in basic vocal development activities, note reading, rhythmic movement activities and simple choral score study.

Heartland Youth Choir representing Iowa at the International Choral Festival in Missoula, Montana, in the summer of 2016.    

Heartland Youth Choir representing Iowa at the International Choral Festival in Missoula, Montana, in the summer of 2016. 


Cantilena Choir is for singers in third grade and above. In this level, children participate in basic note reading and begin work with two-part harmony. This level tours regionally each spring.

Chanté Choir is an intermediate-level choir that focuses on three-part treble singing. In this ensemble, particular emphasis is on music reading, vocal techniques and rhythm studies. This level tours domestically each spring.

Cantemus Choir is the most advanced treble choir. In this level, singers work on four-part treble harmony and advanced music reading skills. Cantemus is called upon frequently to perform for fine arts events, conferences, and participates in festivals throughout the United States.

Chamber Choir is the most musically advanced ensemble of the Heartland Youth Choir. This choir focuses on music reading skills, exposure to diverse works, and SATB literature. Chamber Choir is committed to musical excellence related to rehearsal and performance. The Chamber Choir tours both domestically and internationally.

Guys Power Choir is for guys in grades 5–12 with changed/unchanged voices who love to sing. Members of Heartland Youth Choir join with interested male singers from the community to form a short-term Guys Power Choir. The Chamber Choir men serve as the core of the group. Chanté and Cantemus guys are strongly urged to participate. Non-members should be recommended by their choral director or music teacher, or can contact our office at 515-221-3922 to register.